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"It wasn't supposed to be like this..."

We bring many expectations with us in to parenthood. Our experiences, both individual and within society, often set us up with a false or incomplete idea of how it will be. When our experience does not match how we thought or hoped it would be, it leaves us questioning why and what this means about us.


These unrealistic expectations and ideals of how it will be can add to the high level of pressure and adjustment already involved in becoming a parent.

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The reality is it is a time that can bring challenges and conflicting feelings, some shared and some unique to our individual story. This sits alongside an incredible amount of change and a continual need to evolve and adapt.

This can include change to our mind and our body, our day to day activities and routines, our roles and identities, our relationships and connections, as well as our values and what is important to us.

These adjustments bring high levels of uncertainty, whilst throwing our usual ways of coping up in the air. This creates a perfect storm for emotional overwhelm, difficulties coping, and questions about how to adjust to this new world moving forward.


Where I can help…. I am passionate about supporting individuals to help them to navigate this life changing process of pregnancy, becoming a parent and building a family, and the many challenges and opportunities for growth that it presents.

This can be at any stage along your perinatal and parenting journey. From coping with a difficult pregnancy or anxiety around giving birth to difficulty coping in the postnatal period or adjusting to parenthood. I understand that these questions and challenges can evolve and grow alongside your children and you as a parents.

It is never too early or too late to invest in yourself and give your story and your needs the time and care they deserve.

How I work…. I aim to work alongside you to help you make sense of your experiences, process what you have been through, and build your coping and resilience. I hope to enable you to envision a clearer path through parenthood that better reflects and respects yours and your families unique needs and values.

Alongside the key therapeutic approaches outlined in the ‘About’ section, I can tailor my support to the particular challenges and areas of growth that this life transition presents. For example, I will draw on attachment theory and child development literature to support and strengthen your coping, adjustment to parenthood, and your relationship with your child.

I have built my experience and specialism in this area through working privately and in NHS perinatal mental health services (lead borough Psychologist for a local perinatal mental health team). My passion is further driven by my own experiences of becoming a mother to my children, furthering my appreciation of the highs and lows that becoming a parent can bring.

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